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Meal Prep

Meal prep is my favorite way to save time and make sure I’m able to fuel my body with great food during a busy work week. It’s also a great way to save money! I love to feature recipes here that are easy but delicious, fun but nutritious, and of course – made for meal prepping! Don’t forget to check out my weekly meal plans while you’re here.

Meal Prep Basics

Learn all my favorite techniques and tricks to keep food fresh and tasty, whether you’re freezing it for months, storing it in the refrigerator for the week, or prepping lunch for on the road without a microwave for reheating.

How To:

Find the Perfect Meal Prep Container

My ultimate guide to picking the perfect meal prep containers for your lifestyle! Glass versus plastic, compartments or none, all the options are covered here.

Weekly Meal Plans

Welcome to your one-stop shop for planning a smooth week ahead! Dive into my collection of weekly meal plans, designed to make healthy eating a breeze while saving you time and sanity.

Meal Prep Quick Tips

Meal prep doesn’t have to be all or nothing! Washing and cutting veggies, measuring ingredients, and making the sauces ahead of time can save you a ton of time when you’re ready to cook up a meal. Keeping that prepped food fresh is easier than you think, so follow the link for more!

  1. If you’re just starting out, don’t overdo it – don’t try to go zero to 100 on day one.
  2. Do what works for you – maybe that means just prepping breakfast or lunch to make the work week easier.
  3. How you store food is key, so invest in the right containers to keep food fresh.

Breakfast Meal Prep

My healthy breakfast recipes are made for meal prepping to give you a delicious start to the day and keep you fueled all morning!

Snack Prep Ideas

Meal prep isn’t just for meals! Conquer cravings and stay fueled for a productive day with these prep-ahead snack recipes.

Reader Favorite:

Bento Box Snack Prep Ideas

These grown up Lunchables-style snacks can double as no-heat lunches. I love them because they’re not just tasty, but also fun to eat!