Fit Things

Photo by Tim Sullivan Photography in Alameda, CA

I follow a bunch of different fitness motivation feeds on instagram and Pinterest.  For me, seeing other fit people who are putting in hard work every day to get their bodies where they want to be is huge motivation.  I started playing around with clean eating and meal prepping when I saw this one picture, I think on Facebook somewhere. #fitnessgoals

Here are some of the workouts I like:
  • The Transformation Workout This is the one that I’m primarily using, but I sub out some of the exercises depending on what equipment I do or don’t have available to me.
  • Women’s Lean Sexy Bible has a ton of good info to read up on in this article.  It also has a full workout plan that I use for ideas if I need to sub out an exercise or two from the Transformation Workout.
  • 30 Minute Circuit Workout It’s a 3 sets of circuits and you repeat each set until you reach 10 minutes, then rest, then move to the next set.  I definitely wasn’t bored and you only really need kettle-bells, dumbbells and a jump rope.
  • Plyometric Leg Day Here’s a good way to switch things up for leg day #2 of the week.  Get your cardio and lifting done all at once!

And here are some articles about fine tuning and adding more weight to certain lifts:

Wait this isn’t just a cute puppy picture?!?
Not that I will ever give up pizza, but this is verrrry true.
Even little changes in my diet have a huge effect on my body.  Hence the healthy food blog!